With special guests! Fifty-something Martin Bonner leaves his old life behind and relocates to Reno, where he finds work for a church-based program that helps released prisoners transition to life on the outside. Divorced with two adult children, he tries speed dating and passes time as a soccer referee on weekends. Meanwhile, Travis Holloway has just been released from a 12-year prison stint. His program mentor, Steve, is charitable and helps him adjust, but Travis finds Steve’s Christian devotion uncomfortable and reaches out to Martin instead. The two men form an unlikely friendship that offers them unspoken support and understanding. In this quietly observational film, the storytelling is intimate, witty, and personal, while the two leads approach their characters with a low-key restraint that evokes the awkwardness of starting life afresh, well into middle age. –Sundance Film Festival

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83 min
Not Rated
Year: 2012
Country: USA
Language: English
Festivals: Sundance Film Festival 2013
Director: Chad Hartigan
Screenwriter: Chad Hartigan
Cast: Paul Eenhoorn, Richmond Arquette, Sam Buchanan, Robert Longstreet, Demetrius Grosse