Dolph Springer wakes up one morning to realize he has lost the love of his life, his dog, Paul. During his quest to get Paul (and his life) back, Dolph radically changes the lives of others: a pizza-delivering nymphomaniac, a jogging-addict neighbor in search of completeness, an opportunistic French Mexican gardener, and an off-kilter pet detective. In his journey to find Paul, Dolph may lose something even more vital—his mind. Quentin Dupieux created a stir at the 2010 Cannes international Film Festival with Rubber, a film about a killer tire. His follow-up is equally bizarre, yet entrancing. Wrong overturns cinematic conventions and the universe within the film. Preconceived notions about life and storytelling are altered to a humorous, disorienting, yet ultimately illuminating effect. With a hand in nearly every facet of filmmaking, Dupieux proves himself a mad, colossally talented visionary who refuses to play by the rules. –Sundance Film Festival

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94 min
Not Rated
Year: 2012
Country: USA
Language: English
Festivals: Sundance Film Festival 2012
Director: Quentin Dupieux
Screenwriter: Quentin Dupieux
Cast: William Fichtner, Jack Plotnick, Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena