Planning for the 2014 Cinetopia Film Festival is well underway. Today, we met with the volunteers of the Detroit Film Theater at the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) to discuss the expansion into Detroit. The DFT will be hosting two screens at their venue this year, and will serve as a hub of festival activity through the Festival week. Everyone is very excited to be working on the festival, and we met some wonderful new faces.
The DFT will be home to two of our venues in Detroit and we are working on finalizing the other venues. The volunteer team is looking forward to building a truly festive atmosphere along the John R. corridor, where the festival will be focused. Cinetopia is very lucky to have a partner in the DFT and DIA.
Right now, the focus is on building sponsorships, booking films, and figuring out box office logistics. It is a busy time for a festival, and requires all kinds of collaboration and lots of meetings! Lucky for us, we get to meet in Kresge Court at the DIA – a pretty neat place to hang out…

We hope that all of you will join us June 4th – 8th in Detroit and Ann Arbor for the 2014 Cinetopia Film Festival. More updates to come…

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