Miller’s comet is the closest celestial body to pass over earth in almost a century. This could be the reason why Em’s cell phone suddenly shatters on her way to a dinner party. At the party, people loudly express divergent opinions on the comet’s significance. But things change as the internet and phone service go down, the power goes out, and glass begins to inexplicably shatter. Frightened, the partygoers head outside to look around. Two blocks down, a lone house in the otherwise pitch-black neighborhood appears to have power. When the dinner party elects a few representatives to check things out, the night starts to get really weird. As the comet streaks across the night sky, the party becomes a seething bed of tension, lies, and betrayal. A “Twilight Zone” episode for a 21st-century audience, Coherence is a cryptic sci-fi mystery, packed full of cul-de-sacs, hair-raising twists, and fiery confrontations. –Cleveland International Film Festival

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Saturday, June 7, 7:15 PM, State Theater
Sunday, June 8, 5:00 PM, Detroit Institute of Arts Lecture Hall

89 min
Not rated
Year: 2013
Country: US
Language: English
Festivals: Cleveland
Director: James Ward Byrkit
Screenwriter: James Ward Byrkit
Cast: Nicholas Brendon, Emily Foxler, Maury Sterling, Lorene Scafaria, Lauren Maher, Elizabeth Gracen, Hugo Armstrong, Alex Manugian