Lone Star, which Roger Ebert calls “the best work yet by one of our most original and independent filmmakers,” depicts the ways in which the residents of a Texan border town view their shared past. A skeleton found in the desert is that of Charlie Wade, a bastard of a sheriff who many people had reason to murder back in 1958. Current sheriff Sam Deeds (Chris Cooper) has reason to believe his own father may have committed the crime. As Deeds goes around questioning locals including whites, blacks, Mexicans and Native Americans, he unearths other long-buried secrets. When he cuts a young Hispanic thief some slack and turns him in to his mom, Deeds reconnects with a woman he loved – but wasn’t allowed to love – as a teenager. Set in a town that had until recently been segregated, this classic film shows how people have learned to live together in America.

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Saturday, June 7, 2:00 PM, UM Modern Languages Building 2

135 min
Not rated
Year: 1996
Country: US
Language: English
Director: John Sayles
Screenwriter: John Sayles
Cast: Chris Cooper, Kris Kristofferson, Matthew McConaughey, and Elizabeth Peña