Willis, a strange singer with innate talent is creatively and emotionally stuck. He drifts through his adopted city of Memphis, in an attempt to ignite a creative spark that will get him back on track. Unable to come up with enough material to make it to the recording studio, he seeks motivation in legends, hustlers, preachers and a bunch of kids but nothing seems to help. His girlfriend loves him but grows increasingly weary of his unpredictable mood swings. He is gradually losing his God-given flair and his ability to relate to the people around him. Circumstances lead him to pursue a solitary existence and here the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur.

Premiered at the 2013 Venice Film FestivalMemphis is an alluring folktale elevated by a haunting score and dreamlike cinematography.


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Friday, June 6, 4:45 PM, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
Saturday, June 7, 9:30 PM, Cinema Detroit
Sunday, June 8, 5:00 PM, UM Modern Languages Building Auditorium 2

83 min
Not rated
Year: 2014
Country: US
Language: English
Festivals: Sundance, SXSW, Venice
Director: Tim Sutton
Screenwriter: Tim Sutton
Cast: Willis Earl Beal