Cinetopia is Detroit & Ann Arbor’s ode to the Cannes Film Festival (currently playing in the South  of France) and our film lineup pretty much echoes this ode. Picking just 5 movies out of an  endless list of favorites is a task, but I guess somebody’s gotta do it!

  • THE SKELETON TWINS: Kristen Wiig & Bill Hader as twins! That’s a premise ripe for chuckles, right? Wrong. Skeleton Twins has laughs all right, but it’s more of a bittersweet viewing experience. One that is simultaneously heartwarming and hilarious. Oh, and the Wiig-Hader rapport makes this a must watch!
  • LILTING: Two strangers unable to speak the same language are united by grief. The technical proficiency of this film – editing, cinematography – enhance the stirring lead performances. Warm, moving and lovingly told.
  • DEEP CITY: THE BIRTH OF THE MIAMI SOUND: This doc is a music lover’s dream. The story of the first black-owned music label of Florida is inspiring and dotted with engaging nuggets of pop history. The real ‘Miami sound machine’ is right here!
  • RICH HILL: This is a disturbing watch, no doubt about that. It lets us into the lives and homes of three troubled teenagers with a poignancy that makes this one of the best documentaries screening at Cinetopia this year. Watch this. Explore Missouri beyond the news headlines.
  • FINDING MR.RIGHT: Unexpectedly funny and unassumingly charming, this Chinese rom-com is perfect for those fed up of the cloyingly sweet and the typically subversive ones that have lately become the staple of this genre. Psssst, if you are or were a fan of Sleepless in Seattle just go buy the ticket for this one!

Happy Festival-ing!

Russ Collins, Festival Founder