The documentary that The New York Times called “lovely” and “visual poetry” and the LA Times proclaimed “a terrific achievement” has now come to Cinetopia! In 1927, the Mississippi River broke its banks in 145 places and flooded 27,000 square miles of the American South, which contributed to the Great Migration of displaced workers fleeing north to cities like Memphis, Chicago, and Detroit, bringing the Delta Blues with them. Multimedia artist and filmmaker Bill Morrison brings this chapter of American history stunningly to life, solely through the use of beautiful and haunting archival footage. Set to a score created by guitarist/composer Bill Frisell, the film lushly honors the influence this event had on the last 85 years of American roots music. With no dialogue and minimal screen text, this is raw history turned into gorgeous and lyrical art.

Special thanks to our community partner The Ark.

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Friday, June 6, 5:00 PM, UM Modern Languages Building 2
Saturday, June 7, 4:00 PM, Detroit Film Theater at the DIA

80 min
Not rated
Year: 2012
Country: US
Language: English
Festivals: Sundance
Director: Bill Morrison
Screenwriters: Bill Morrison