Winner of the Best Debut Award at the 2013 Venice Film Festival, White Shadow is a disturbing, thought provoking look at the “albino hunting” trade, set in Tanzania. Told through the eyes of Alias, an albino boy on the run from local witch doctors who will pay any price for the use of albino parts in their cures, the story traces his constant struggle for survival. After witnessing the brutal murder of his albino father, Alias moves to the city with his uncle and soon develops a soft spot for his cousin Antoinette. The only other person he cares about is his albino friend, Salum, who follows him to the city. City life soon turns out to be as predatory as life in the village and Alias realizes that there is no getting away from the perils of his condition. Executive produced by Ryan Gosling.

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Thursday, June 5, 6:15 PM, Cinema Detroit
Friday, June 6, 9:45 PM, Michigan Theater
Saturday, June 7, 7:00 PM, College for Creative Studies
Sunday, June 8, 8:00 PM, UM Modern Languages Building Auditorium 4

117 min
Not rated
Year: 2013
Country: Tanzania, Germany, Italy
Language: Swahili
Festivals: Venice, Sundance
Director: Noaz Deshe
Screenwriters: Noaz Deshe, James Masson
Cast: Hamisi Bazili, Salum Abdallah, Riziki Ally, James Gayo, Glory Mbayuwayu