MICHIGAN PREMIERE. Layla, Salma, and Nour are three Palestinian roommates trying to find a balance between traditional and modern culture in Tel Aviv. Layla, a fabulously stylish and confident lawyer, lives in the moment. When she meets Ziad, she thinks she has found a progressive, modern man with whom she could potentially settle down. Salma, a lesbian DJ and bartender, drifts aimlessly through life, tethered only by her friendship with Layla. Devout Muslim Nour moves into their shared apartment when she comes to the city to study computer science. Her engagement to Hissam becomes increasingly contentious when she discovers their courtship is not based on mutual love and respect. The trials and tribulations of these women show the challenges of navigating a patriarchal society, but still maintain a sense of optimism at the boundless potential of sisterhood.

Israel, 96 min, Drama, Hebrew/Arabic with English subtitles, Not RatedJUST ADDED to the Michigan Theater Screening Room!

Sponsored by the University of Michigan Weiser Center for Europe & Eurasia and the Digital Islamic Studies Curriculum

Thanks to our community partner Gabrielle D’Angelo Events.

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