MICHIGAN PREMIERE. Meet the Raineys – dad Christopher (a.k.a. Quest), mom Christine’a (a.k.a. Ma Quest), son William, and daughter Patricia (a.k.a. P.J.). Photographer-turned-filmmaker JONATHAN OLSHEFSKI followed this working-class family through eight years of their lives in inner-city Philadelphia, capturing every challenge and triumph in true cinema vérité style. The Raineys are a unique American household, with Quest juggling two jobs to support his recording studio-slash-home for wayward artists and Ma working at a domestic violence shelter while caring for her daughter, son, and grandson, but they could also be anyone. What’s shared onscreen is stunning in its simplicity, addressing broader cultural conversations (drugs, violence, illness, and politics) through the lens of one loving, determined family and the community they influence.

USA, 105 min, Documentary, English, Not Rated


Director JONATHAN OLSHEFSKI will take part in a live Q&A following the June 1 screening of the film.

Thanks to our community partner United Way of Washtenaw County.

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