Your First Look at What’s Playing In Cinetopia 2018!

Remember My Name (1978)

Directed by ALAN RUDOLPH
USA, 94 Minutes,Thriller/Drama, English, Rated R

Released from prison, a convict foregoes a fresh start in favor of harassing an ex; this familiar outline is startlingly recalibrated by ALAN RUDOLPH dramatically and stylistically, not least with against-type casting of GERALDINE CHAPLIN as the jailbird and ANTHONY PERKINS as the ex. The soundtrack pulses with the oeuvre of blues/jazz legend ALBERTA HUNTER. With MOSES GUNN, JEFF GOLDBLUM, BERRY BERENSON (married in real life to Perkins), and (in her film debut) ALFRE WOODARD.

The Moderns (1988)

Directed by ALAN RUDOLPH
USA, 126 Minutes,Comedy/ Drama/Romance, English, Rated R

Paris, 1926. A time when anything could happen … and usually did. At the center of this world is Nick Hart (KEITH CARRADINE), a struggling painter who makes a meager living drawing caricatures at his favorite cafe. Nick longs for success and even agrees to forge masterpieces for a wealthy divorcee (GERALDINE CHAPLIN). But what he truly desires is Rachel (LINDA FIORENTINO), the alluring wife of an obsessively jealous and lethally dangerous businessman.

Choose Me (1984)

Directed by ALAN RUDOLPH
USA, 106 Minutes,Comedy/ Drama/Romance, English, Rated R

Rudolph hit a high note with this utterly seductive and knowing L.A. story, popular at the Quad in its initial run. On the night shift, “The Love Line” radio host GENEVIÈVE BUJOLD offers romantic counseling, which she herself could use given unresolved issues with erratic lover KEITH CARRADINE, his other lover LESLEY ANN WARREN, her married lover PATRICK BAUCHAU, and his frustrated wife RAE DAWN CHONG. The title song and others are performed on the soundtrack by TEDDY PENDERGRASS.

Ray Meets Helen (2018)


Directed by ALAN RUDOLPH
USA, 100 Minutes, Drama/Romance, English, Not Rated

DESCRIPTION: ALAN RUDOLPH’s first film in 15 years follows Ray (KEITH CARRADINE) and Helen (SONDRA LOCKE), who–in bizarre, unrelated turns of events–each happen upon large sums of money which give them the chance to re-invent themselves. As they fake their way to the high life, their paths cross, each falling for the other’s “new-and-improved” persona. But as their true selves shine through the act, Ray and Helen find themselves falling in love with the very qualities they are trying to hide in themselves. Also stars KEITH DAVID, SAMANTHA MATHIS, and JENNIFER TILLY.

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