Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis star in this heartbreaking drama that acutely captures the misdirected angst of teenage years. Thirteen-year-old Jacob is spiraling out of control. Motocross-obsessed, he and his delinquent friends trash things out of boredom and frustration that they hold inside because of the dire circumstances of their lives. All hell breaks loose when Jacob enlists his younger brother, Wes, as a partner in crime. Still reeling from his wife’s death, Jacob’s dad, Hollis, spends more time drowning his sorrows in alcohol than taking care of his sons. When Child Protective Services sends Wes to live with his Aunt Pam, Hollis and Jacob are forced to face their culpability as they strive to bring Wes home. Set in rural Texas, this 2014 SXSW Film Festival Winner is a heartbreaking portrayal of grief stricken families who struggle to cope with the consequences of their loss.

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Saturday, June 7, 7:00 PM, Michigan Theater Screening Room
Sunday, June 8, 7:00 PM, Cinema Detroit

98 min
Not rated
Year: 2014
Country: US
Language: English
Festivals: Sundance, SXSW
Director: Kat Candler
Screenwriters: Kat Candler
Cast: Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, Josh Wiggins, Deke Garner, Jonny Mars, Annalee Jefferies