Yeah, yeah I know Cinetopia starts tomorrow & this is probably late for a Top 5… but better late than never, right?

These are my picks of the fest:

  • WHITE SHADOWThough the film takes you on a tumultuous journey, I’ve rarely connected with a character and story that were more unique.Every notion that you’ve ever had of reality gets challenged and you find yourself pulled into a new world like never before.
  • 1982This story is close to my heart and the delicate hand with which it was made will make it close to yours as well. It’s fun, then scary, then harsh, then lovely, then…. well you should just see it.
  • DETROIT VOICESThis is an amazing program of local shorts from around metro Detroit. Some are fun, others dramatic, but overall I feel great about the dynamic stories.
  • NO CLUE: This one just looks fun and like it could be a really layered film. I love the 50’s noir detective stories but the cliches that have formed over the years make great material for a good comedy.

Catch you at Cinetopia!

Sultan Sharrief, Cinetopia Detroit Coordinator