Be a part of Cinetopia!

Films? Friends? Fun? If these things sound like a good time, then volunteering for a film festival is the best way to kick off your summer.

We are in need of volunteers for the Cinetopia Film Festival, May 10-19, 2019. Our volunteers are the heart of our film festival – it wouldn’t be possible without you. The enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication of our volunteers ensure that the Cinetopia Film Festival can bring the best films from the world’s best film festivals to Southeastern Michigan community for years to come. Be a part of building this foundation in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor!

As a volunteer, you’ll get to be part of the excitement and action, all while flexing your skills, meeting new people, and being part of the behind-the-scenes work of a film festival. Our volunteers are involved in every aspect of the festival, with responsibilities in: managing venues, selling and taking tickets, greeting filmmakers, assisting festival-goers, way-finding, and so much more! Our festival runs on volunteers, and it is YOU who makes Cinema Come Alive.

You will need to sign up for a free Shiftboard account to volunteer with us. The above link will guide you.

Leadership Volunteer Positions:

  • Cinetopia Supervisor – The Cinetopia Supervisor is focused on the internal and external logistics of their specified venue. They maintain the spirit and excitement of the festival by supervising the theater team. In constant communication with Cinetopia staff on sufficient number of volunteers, up to date will call lists, talent arrival. Provides a source of direction during their shift for smooth screening load in and load out. Reacts to emergency situations by contacting Wayne State Police and/or Detroit Police if necessary.

General Volunteer Positions:

  • Theater Team – Take tickets, get a head count, direct patrons to correct theater. This volunteer maintains theater rules such as no cameras while organizing line flow into the theater. Cleans theater in between screenings.
  • Crowd Liaison – Assigned to a general area (outside or inside) to direct patrons to the correct venue and line manage. Point of information if anyone is looking for directions along the Cinetopia map route. All around general and catch-all volunteer.
  • Hospitality Suite – Help set up for events and assist patrons in the hospitality suite. Manage food and beverages and keep the hospitality area clean and inviting.

Volunteer Expectations

  • A minimum commitment of 2 shifts ranging from 2-5 hours depending on  role and location
    • Please be on time, observing prerequisite training or orientation requirements.  Be prepared to hand off your location to the next volunteer scheduled.  No volunteer is authorized to change any volunteer schedule.  Any and all changes must be made by the Volunteer Coordinator.
    • Check in and check out with your Cinetopia Supervisor before and after your shift.  Please try and accommodate shift responsibilities, but do not leave your position unless directed by your Cinetopia Supervisor.
    • You will receive a Volunteer ID Badge and volunteer t-shirt which must be worn when you are on shift.  As a volunteer wearing a Cinetopia Film Festival t-shirt and badge you are representing the festival. Please be respectful of others and be aware of your personal conduct.
    • Even though you are not considered an employee of the festival, we do count on you just the same. If conflicts arise and you are unable to make your scheduled shift it is important to contact your Cinetopia Supervisor and Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible, (24 hours advanced notice preferred) allowing them enough time to find a suitable replacement.
    • Cinetopia Film Festival asks that all contact with the media is limited to designated PR, Publicity and Cinetopia Staff members. Please direct questions or requests from the press to your Cinetopia Supervisor.
    • Please report an emergency or accident to Cinetopia Coordinator or Cinetopia Supervisor immediately.
    • Please smoke in designated areas only. If you are a driver or providing other direct services to patrons and guests of the festival, please be aware of their needs and comfort level.
    • Please observe our firm, yet friendly request that you engage in your assigned task while on shift. If you are a theater usher, please be alert to patrons needs while you watch the film. It is suggested that theater ushers stand during the screening. Please alert your Cinetopia Supervisor if you need any assistance and/or prefer to sit. They will assign you to the proper position.
    • Cinetopia is not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen.  Please leave all valuables either at home or locked in your car.
  • Participation in pre-festival training
  • Independent mode of transportation

Volunteer Perks

Cinetopia Film Festival recognizes volunteers are essential to our success. The film festival is an enormous undertaking and we depend on the tremendous amount of volunteer labor and assistance you all provide.  We know that all of your hard work deserves rewards.  As a result, our volunteers are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Volunteer badge
  • Volunteer T-shirt (Please be aware that if you wear this shirt during the festival as a patron not on your shift, you may have to answer questions from other patrons looking for the venue volunteers.)
  • Official festival water bottle
  • Volunteer thank-you screening
  • 1 Cinetopia movie ticket per shift